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We reduce the intermediate steps

The results obtained with the stereo-microscopic technique allow us to reduce the intermediate steps in the completion of the prosthesis. Thanks to this technique, the subgingival margins and the entire periphery of the residual limb are visualized precisely and precisely, thus achieving a perfect fit.

The direct completion of prostheses of up to 6 elements can be performed with the same reliability. The procedures used to obtain our fixed prostheses in Zirconium, IPS, empress… offer maximum biocompatibility and aesthetics. We have been working on this technique for more than 4 years with the guarantee of satisfied customers, fast and reliable solutions.

We guarantee all our work for a period of 2 years. Thanks to the stereomicrocopy we work better, more reliably, faster and more economically because we avoid intermediate steps that make the final product more expensive.

Ask for more information without obligation, we will advise you free of charge about our service.


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