Digital dentistry with 3D printing

At Dental-Lab, the well-being and safety of our patients is our priority. With the incorporation of 3D technology into our practice, we have the ability to offer faster and safer solutions.

New technologies and computer programs make it possible to obtain three-dimensional images of the mouth and mouthparts in great detail. We are currently a full service laboratory with 3Shape scanners, digital impression scanners, 3D printers that print partial crowns.

The use of CAD/CAM technology and oral scanning reduces patients’ fear, pain and inflammation. They also minimize errors and reduce intervention time thanks to the previous study and diagnosis through three-dimensional images, allowing the dental laboratory to provide the dental pieces with exact precision.

On these three-dimensional images our dental specialists can work as if it were the same mouth, so they can study, diagnose and plan comfortably (both for them and for the patient) the dental treatment to be applied.

Stereo-microscopic technique

The results obtained with the stereo-microscopic technique allow us to reduce the intermediate steps in the realization of the prosthesis. Thanks to this technique, the visualization of the subgingival margins and the entire periphery of the tooth stump is precise and accurate, thus achieving a perfect fit.

All our removable prostheses are subject to the most demanding EU controls, to meet European standards. That’s why our products come with a two-year warranty. Thanks to stereo-microscopy, we work better, more reliably, faster and more economically because we avoid intermediate steps that make the final product more expensive. In addition, the prices of our resin teeth and dentures include the delivery of IVOCLAR (Liechtenstein) teeth, which are of excellent quality.

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