At Dental Lab we always work to satisfy our customers, competing with the best materials and ensuring maximum product reliability.

We only work with the best materials, the most reliable and of course the most suitable for each client.

All our prosthesis have alloys certified by the EU, so that we meet all the necessary requirements to work with the best materials on the market today.

Our developments in dental pieces are prepared to be able to create customized prosthesis in the dental pieces that are necessary.

We use alloys of biocompatible and hypoallergenic materials to reduce any possibility of allergies in the patient.

We work with ceramics on titanium alloys and this allows us to carry out the work on an implant as well as on a natural tooth.

We always replace parts of the dental structures with semi-precious and precious metals.

By always working with these biocompatible alloys, the risk of allergies is totally reduced.